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From Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur, C-Suite Advisor & Board Member, Innovation Thought Leader, Bestselling Author, Nikki Barua


How To Unlock Your Limitless Potential 

Leveling up in life isn’t easy. Despite working harder, constantly striving, always doing more, it can seem like you’re trapped by fear and uncertainty, unable to make progress towards your dreams.

But, no matter how lost you feel, no matter how painful failure may be, breaking barriers isn’t beyond your reach. Anyone can unlock incredible potential within themselves. And Nikki Barua can show you how.



  1. Digital edition of Beyond Barriers: How To Unlock Your Limitless Potential
  2. Digital edition of Beyond Barriers Book Companion Journal 
  3. Digital edition of Beyond Barriers High Performance Career Success Guide 



"In Beyond Barriers, Nikki encourages readers to level up and enthusiastically take on challenges for bigger and bolder dreams."

Kara Goldin
Founder & CEO of hint®

"In Beyond Barriers, Nikki teaches readers the all-too-important yet hard-to-recognize-in-the-moment lesson that when one door closes, another door opens. Her story of resilience and actionable takeaways make this a productive, inspiring read for anyone looking to level-up in life–and aren’t we all?"

Stephanie Kaplan Lewis
Co-founder & CEO, Her Campus Media

"If you are a female entrepreneur looking for inspiration, Nikki will give you the courage you need to be a bolder you."

Vicki Saunders
Founder & CEO, Sheeo

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